Colorectal Cancer: A Family Affair & the Importance of Screening

Colorectal Cancer: A Family Affair & the Importance of Screening

March marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, presenting the perfect opening for healthcare marketers to boost screening rates and bring in more patients. As the second deadliest cancer, colorectal cancer claims over 50,000 lives annually, yet it is highly preventable through routine screening. Despite the proven benefits, screening rates remain low with only 65 percent of eligible adults up to date. Leverage this awareness month to close that gap and make an impact in your community.

The Importance of Colorectal Cancer Screening

Meet John, a hard working 50-year old whose busy schedule often got in the way of prioritizing his health. Despite his wife’s encouragement, he delayed getting screened for colorectal cancer. Recently, John started experiencing GI issues and finally went to see his doctor. Unfortunately, testing revealed an advanced tumor that will require intense treatment with a more uncertain prognosis.

John’s story reinforces the toll that colorectal cancer can take when not caught early. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer, with over 104,000 new cases expected this year. The good news is that it is largely preventable with proper screening. Screening tests like colonoscopies can detect and remove precancerous polyps before they become cancerous. If caught at an early stage before spreading, the 5-year survival rate is around 90 percent.

How You Can Have an Impact

Widespread screening could prevent at least 60% of deaths from colorectal cancer. Yet, only about 65 percent of eligible adults are up to date on screening. Work obligations, lack of provider recommendation, cost, preparation concerns, and fear hold many people back. This Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month we want to change that.

As healthcare marketers, here is how we can make an impact:

  • Educate on screening guidelines and dispel misconceptions through social media campaigns, blogs, and community talks
  • Create convenient screening solutions to fit busy lifestyles and break down barriers
  • Spotlight survivor stories showing the lifesaving power of early detection
  • Offer supportive tools and resources for patients going through screening

How We Can Help You

One powerful asset healthcare marketers can utilize is our Colorectal Cancer Health Risk Assessment. This online questionnaire helps identify patients’ risk levels based on lifestyle habits, family history and other factors. Those flagged at higher risk can then be actively encouraged to come in for potentially life-saving screening.

The Key Benefits of Implementing a Colorectal Cancer HRA

  • Drives patient engagement around screening during awareness month
  • Identifies at-risk patients to target screening outreach efforts
  • Convenient online format fits busy lifestyles
  • Provides reports and resources to inform providers’ screening recommendations

Promotional Ideas (Free or Cost-Saving)

  • Brand your Colorectal Cancer Month campaign (like Go Red for Women) For example below: “Go Blue to Defeat Number Two!” (Second leading cancer killer…)
  • Dedicated landing page for lower-funnel conversion tools like the HRAs
  • Email blast for targeted groups
  • Pop-up messages in your patient portals
  • Facebook, Facebook, Facebook!
  • Add a link in the footer of newsletters, March blogs, any and all regular DTC communications.
  • Tap a local news channel to feature you during awareness segments on local TV
  • Laser-printed table tents or letter-size posters anywhere patients have to spend time such as; elevators, waiting rooms, cafeterias, coffee carts, billing windows, etc.

Promotional Ideas (Paid)

  • Utilize giveaways, gift cards, promotions & drawings to encourage HRA participation
  • Include a promotional insert in patient billing
  • Targeted SEM of paid Facebook campaigns for health info seekers

Let John’s powerful story motivate you to take action during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The right risk assessment program can help boost screening compliance, attract new patients and make a real impact in survival outcomes. Talk to a member of our team and let us help you rapidly deploy an HRA this month – we can have one running on your website in as little as 1 day. Join us in saving lives through early detection.