Harness The Power Of Marketing Analytics For Healthcare

Harness The Power Of Marketing Analytics For Healthcare

Technology spend is on the rise for healthcare organizations: A recent Bain and Company report shows that nearly 80% of healthcare executives increased spending materially over the past year. Yet only 9% of healthcare marketing executives can demonstrate ROI from their marketing efforts. What’s the disconnect — and what’s the solution?

During an era of troubled financials and looming data privacy regulations, ROI can empower and justify marketing efforts for healthcare organizations, if solidly proven — and even help to break the vicious cycle of slashed marketing budgets and declining patient volume.

You need a reliable way to demonstrate ROI, and it cannot consist of empty rhetoric. It must be CFO defensible: financially sound and grounded in reality. By showing clear revenue results, not only can you justify existing budgets, you can also demonstrate mastery of your craft.

How ROI Lost Its Meaning

The concept of ROI has become diluted due to inadequate solutions that fail to meet the needs of large, intricate healthcare organizations with diverse and lengthy customer journeys.

With numerous paid and organic campaigns in market at any given time — not to mention an always on stream of blog and social media content — it has become quite the labyrinth for healthcare data analytics teams to master.

Real, defensible ROI for large healthcare organizations requires gaining insight into full-funnel, downstream tracking that connects the dots to clinical data — all while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

The market has been looking for a transparent, reliable way to match campaign leads to downstream revenue. It didn’t exist, so we built it.

Introducing Unlock ROI InsightsTM For Healthcare Marketing Analytics

Unlock ROI InsightsTM is a web-based reporting framework that translates campaign performance into clear, tangible results.

When making technology and IT a strategic priority for your institution, investing in Unlock ROI Insights justifies the spending. The new product from Unlock provides a transparent, reliable way to match campaign leads to downstream revenue.

Marketing Analytics That Connect the Dots Throughout the Patient Journey

Like a compass, Unlock ROI Insights can guide you through the labyrinth of patient journeys. Key reporting aspects include:

  • Lead-to-Encounter Matching, which answers, “How do I know Shannon, the campaign lead is the same Shannon who had an encounter?”
  • Attribution Windows, which answers, “How can I confidently say this patient came in because of the campaign?”
  • Direct and Global Attribution, which answers, “Which leads converted into the campaign service line, then had other encounters?”
  • New vs. Existing Patient Revenue Logic, which answers, “Who was net new? Who would have come in anyway? How do we assign quality of revenue?”

Unlock ROI Insights allows healthcare institutions to pinpoint which marketing channels and touchpoints are truly making a difference.

New KPIs: Beyond Performance & Into Results

Lagging indicators can effectively assess past performance, validate strategies and gain insights from past triumphs or missteps. But with Unlock ROI Insights, healthcare institutions can gain an additional set of KPIs that move beyond performance and into results.

Marketing teams can view:

  • Speed to encounter: the time between a patient making an appointment and meeting the physician
  • Speed to revenue: the time between a patient making an appointment and processing the payment for medical services provided

Why Healthcare Organizations Choose Unlock ROI Insights for Marketing Analytics

Unlock ROI Insights offers advantages in three ways that matter most:

  1. Cost-Effective: Demonstrating clear ROI is not cost-prohibitive. In fact, a standalone ROI product can deliver lifetime savings of millions of dollars over a CRM solution.
  2. Secure: Unlock ROI Insights utilizes the latest in data security technology and AI threat detection and prevention, so you can maintain the highest level of security and privacy.
  3. Customizable: Unlock ROI Insights meets you where you are. The solution is flexible and customizable, and you can tailor criteria to get answers and insights into your real-world marketing questions.

Learn More About Unlock ROI Insights

Unlock ROI Insights is your definitive answer to the challenging task of effectively demonstrating marketing ROI in the healthcare sector.

Are you ready to discover the power of Unlock ROI Insights for your organization? Request a personalized demo today to explore the potential of this unparalleled product and begin your journey to clear, defensible ROI tracking in healthcare marketing.