Unlock Health has been named Best New Agency of the Year.

There wasn't a solution, so we created one.

About Us

We’re connecting the dots between marketing, technology, and managed care to drive CFO-supported ROI.

Full-Funnel Visibility
+ Actionable Insights
= Real, Attributable ROI at every turn

For too long healthcare organizations have had to settle for incomplete insights and disjointed data in the absence of a partner who could deliver a unified growth solution. We rose to that challenge and created a first-of-its-kind platform supported by an integrated team of marketing, technology, and managed care experts to take the guesswork out of growth.

We Found a Creative Solution to Healthcare Growth Needs.

There is no growth without change, so we revolutionized healthcare marketing.

Healthcare demands constant innovation, and healthcare marketing is no different. The status quo couldn’t stand. In its place, we’re paving a new road that side-steps cross-functional silos for a direct route to revenue growth. We’re clearing the way for end-to-end intelligence that leverages managed care insights for marketing ROI. Ready to unleash your growth potential?

We Brought Together Industry Leaders in Marketing, Technology, and Managed Care to Form an Integrated Growth Super Team.

See where we've been to understand where we're going.

SPM Marketing is a leading full-service marketing agency focused on health and healthcare. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

GLC is a full-service content marketing agency that helps healthcare organizations and health-focused associations unleash their stories to connect with their audiences. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

Dreamscape Marketing is a healthcare digital marketing agency providing conversion-focused website design and digital marketing campaigns. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

Centretek is a full-service digital agency providing digital strategy, creative, and implementation services to healthcare organizations. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

Decode is a national, award-winning, full-service healthcare advertising agency with a proven record of delivering growth and ROI for healthcare systems across the country. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

The team that practically invented SEM for hospitals and health systems. Eruptr’s proven measurable campaigns deliver results you can count on across multiple touchpoints. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

Forge is a managed care consultancy that brings consulting, contract negotiations, and strategic communications together. The result? Payor strategies and solutions designed to drive growth throughout your enterprise. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

For more than 20 years, Medicom’s mission has been to empower health engagement through world-class digital solutions. More than 1,000 hospitals use our 17 condition-specific HRAs each year. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

HealthAware provides health risk assessments and patient engagement solutions to aid in consumer awareness of disease risk and guide patients to the next steps in care and has a track record of using innovative technology solutions to help clients elevate their brands and improve profitability. Now part of the unified Unlock team.

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Transformational change is a team effort.

Meet our experts who are fundamentally changing the way healthcare organizations grow.

Creating an inclusive culture.

We are committed to ensuring that the diverse experiences, needs, and perspectives of people are recognized, appreciated, and incorporated in impactful ways throughout Unlock Health. We know that in order to make work we can stand behind, we must thoughtfully and purposefully commit to and promote equity and inclusion within our walls and in our interactions with clients, prospects, vendors, and our community.

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