Unlock Health has been named Best New Agency of the Year.

A decision without data is just a guess.


Our Approach to Healthcare Growth and Marketing ROI

Never settle for good enough.

We know the importance of bridging the gaps between marketing, technology, and managed care. We created Unlock Health to set a new standard for what’s possible in healthcare revenue ops.

Our unique structure brings traditionally independent marketing capabilities and services under one flag to realize synergy and efficiency. With dedicated cross-functional teams, our clients get end-to-end support from strategy to implementation to analysis.

Marketing, Technology, Managed Care Consulting — All in One Place

Putting Pieces Together Is One Thing. Making Sure They Connect Is Another.

Strategy & Planning

Our team has a simple work ethic: Roll up our sleeves, be curious, and dig in to turn data into insights that lead to action. We don’t just focus on marketing channels, audience personas, and psychographics (those too, of course). We build brand strategies and assets rooted in insights that support across the entirety of your brand to yield actual business results. We can do it because no one has the breadth of real-world knowledge, strategic expertise, and experience that we do — in one single, unified team.

Brand Consulting

Unlock provides expert guidance and strategic advice to organizations seeking to develop, strengthen, or redefine their brand identities. We work to understand your growth goals, values, target audiences, and competitive landscapes to craft compelling strategies and distinctive visual identities that bring your promise to life at every stage of growth and across every touchpoint for internal and external audiences.

Creative & Content

In our world, data isn’t just numbers. It opens the doors to boundless creativity. We turn insights into inspiration by transforming raw data into extraordinary creative endeavors. We believe that fusing science and art is what drives world-class creative and content to create connections, nurture relationships, and foster loyalty.

Media & Advertising

When we created Unlock Health, we retired the statement “Half of my advertising spend is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” We’re on a mission to bring you the biggest results for the best value. 

Data & Analytics

Make informed decisions with the data-driven insights to back them up. Gain real-time visibility into your marketing campaigns and strategies, enabling you to identify successful tactics and guide future initiatives with confidence. No more guessing — just measurable results.  

Managed Care Consulting

Our managed care team delivers strategic solutions that increase revenue and ensure long-term sustainability for your organization, including managed care strategy and negotiations for providers, powered by cutting-edge analytics, and a full suite of specialized communication tactics.

Digital Marketing & Website Development

We speak two languages: creative and technology. We blend them together to create unique experiences and memorable interactions that create real results. 


Our expertise in turning data into actionable insights complemented by proprietary technology arms you to achieve new levels of marketing effectiveness, all while helping you meet the highest rigors of security and compliance. Technology and new AI solutions power everything we do.


Where do you go for guaranteed campaign performance? Right here. Turn to the team that pioneered search marketing for hospitals and health systems, and we buy more media than any other player in the space. Period.

Health Risk Assessments

Over a thousand hospitals use our 17 condition-specific HRAs to engage and convert millions of patients each year. An essential tool in any marketer’s patient acquisition toolkit.

Case studies

See how we make growth happen.

Johns Hopkins Orthopedics

High-Margin Service Line Growth Translating AMC Trust Into Ortho Volume The Situation Although Johns Hopkins Medicine is a premier AMC brand recognized across the United…

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