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Our Approach to Health Risk Assessments

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Managed Care



Managed Care

Engage Patients, Save Lives & Grow Revenue

We Are the Industry Leaders in Health Risk Assessments for Healthcare Marketing.

You can’t overstate the benefit of first-party data. And more importantly, there is tremendous value when patients seek out information from your organization proactively. Health risk assessments, or HRAs, connect you with at-risk consumers and can not only help you reach your business goals but also position you as a community leader in health and wellness. If you want to put your patient acquisition goals into hyperdrive, HRAs can get you there.

We brought together the two largest HRA companies, Medicom Health and HealthAware, to deliver the most comprehensive set of HRA solutions to the market. More than a thousand hospitals use our 17 condition-specific HRAs to engage millions of patients online each year — saving lives and growing revenue in the process. In addition to direct service line growth, our HRAs build a foundation for lasting patient engagement and cross-marketing.

Our Solutions

How We're Making First-Party Data Work for You.

Benefits for Patients & Providers

Consumers want quick, convenient, yet personalized online advice about specific health concerns. And they are willing to provide health information and contact details while opting in to future nurturing to get it. Connect eager and motivated leads to the right point of care for their needs and your available care resources.

Delivering HRA Results Is Just the Start

Use the goodwill and data from HRA completions for future communication and cross-marketing. Users who complete HRAs are uniquely invested and motivated. You have their health stats, contact information, and permission to message them. Our follow-up guides and other resources have detailed roadmaps for promotion and personalized nurturing.

Available Health Risk Assessments

Our 17 HRAs align with high-value service lines, chronic conditions, and popular health concerns. They pair well with health awareness months and new service locations — any time growth is needed.

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Health Risk Assessments

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