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ROI in its purest form: CFO-supported and guesswork-free.

Healthcare Data Analytics That Match Marketing Leads with Revenue

This Is Unlock ROI Insights™

There wasn’t a transparent, flexible healthcare technology product to show the revenue created by your marketing campaigns. So we built it. Unlock ROI Insights™ is a full-funnel, downstream tracking analytics tool that connects the dots between marketing, clinical data, and managed care — without any smoke or mirrors — all while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.

Marketing Analytics Software That Checks All the Boxes

Why Is Unlock ROI Insights™ CFO-Supported and CIO-Approved?


The Unlock ROI Insights™ algorithm is fully transparent, meaning your team is involved in the conversation that determines the matching logic, match rates, and the overall science of turning marketing campaign investments into clear ROI. This decreases reliance on “assumed” ROI and helps with CFO buy-in.


The ROI algorithm begins with a set of recommended parameters — like revenue attribution for new patients versus existing patients — but as part of the product build, our team will work with your financial, marketing, clinical operations, and IT teams to adjust criteria as needed.


We’ve built a powerful diagnostic tool and web-based reporting framework that translates campaign performance into clear, tangible results. It shows you results by service line, by market and where the “loss points” are in the patient journey. As operational issues are uncovered, our expert team can help bridge gaps and overcome barriers.

Security & Compliance

Unlock ROI Insights™ utilizes the latest in data security tech to ensure your data is processed safely. Using AI threat detection and advanced data segmentation frameworks, we’ve created one of the safest data vaults in the country.

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"Don't optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue."

- Neil Patel

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