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Tap into managed care insights to take the guesswork out of growth.

Managed Care Consulting

Our Approach to Managed Care Strategy & Solutions

We've connected the dots to take the guesswork out of growth.





Managed Care



Managed Care

Managed care strategy powered by expertise.

Meaningful connections to care drive patients to take action and improve their health. From provider negotiations and dispute resolution to a full suite of specialized communication strategies, our managed care consultancy and insights connect the dots for one purpose: to drive growth.

Our team has been involved in more than 1,600 negotiations for providers in 49 states — everything from local to multi-state to national issues for every type of provider and against every imaginable payor.

Through Unlock’s collaborative, insight-driven approach to integrated healthcare solutions, you can depend on cohesive communication plans that meet your audience where they are when they need you. And no one can translate managed care insights into marketing actions like Unlock Health.

Our solutions

Capabilities are how we get from the starting line to the finish line.

Contract Strategy

We advocate for provider success through proactive strategies that solve both the need for immediate growth and long-term sustainable performance. From strategically knowing who to contract with to how to negotiate for your unique market, our team helps you build the right contracts at the right rates with language that protects your contract yield.

Payor Landscape Expertise

Because we work with clients and payors across the country, the Unlock team can see nationwide trends that our clients can capitalize on. With experience in thousands of payor/provider issues, we help our clients stay prepared for all situations.

Managed Care Insights & Analytics

In an environment that is constantly changing, we help providers navigate and prioritize by providing insights into benchmarking, analytics, and performance monitoring — ensuring financial sustainability and powering patient acquisition and retention strategies.

Strategic Communication

We help provider organizations deal with potentially contentious contract negotiations — protecting brand reputations and, at the same time, pulling the right levers to put pressure on payors to get the contracts you need. 

"Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy."

— Jim Rohn

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