Other industries have been able to create growth through unified tech and service platforms, yet healthcare professionals have been forced to settle for “good enough” instead of what’s best. For healthcare clients and their growth partners, progress has been measured by gradual iterations, not transformation.

Introducing Unlock.

Now, you don’t have to settle.

What makes unlock different

We are the first strategic growth platform for healthcare organizations. We are strategy. We are services. We are data. We are marketing. We are left-brain. We are right-brain. We are code. We are forward. And we are experienced enough to understand the economics that makes the patient, payor, and provider relationships work.

We’ve all known there was a better way. Unlock makes it a reality.

Marketing Capabilities

Advertising Social Search Content Media Branding Research Direct Mail Reputation Management Workforce Solutions

Technology & data capabilities

Media Tracking Health Risk Assessments Campaign Management Email Marketing CRM Integration Marketing Analytics ROI & Attribution

Payor relations Capabilities

Strategy Negotiations Contract Modeling Contract Analytics Contract Performance Employer Strategies


We’re officially Unlock Health. A technology and services growth platform that connects the dots between managed care and marketing to help healthcare organizations solve today’s urgent growth needs. We’ve brought together two industry innovators, Eruptr and DECODE, along with a team of experts in managed care and ROI design. It’s a new definition for us, and it’s definitely a new definition in the healthcare industry.
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