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Navigating healthcare marketing's data privacy maze.

Meet Unlock Privacy Pro™ – Powered by Tealium®.

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare marketing, professionals are facing a new challenge: the intricate maze of data privacy, particularly when it comes to marketing initiatives. The dilemma? Many of the platforms used to manage and optimize digital media aren’t compliant with healthcare’s privacy regulations. The solution? Unlock Privacy Pro™ — a best-in-class technology solution leveraging Tealium to maintain compliance without sacrificing the power of data collection.

Data Privacy Protection Made Simple

What Sets Unlock Privacy Pro™ Apart?

Full Personalization

We work hand in hand with your marketing, IT, legal, and compliance departments to align processes and technology with your needs.

Strengthened & Simplified Data Compliance

The ROI algorithm begins with a set of recommended parameters — like revenue attribution for new patients versus existing patients — but as part of the product build, our team will work with your financial, marketing, clinical operations, and IT teams to adjust criteria as needed.

Compliant Digital Marketing & Advertising

As your healthcare growth partner, we understand the need to show marketing as a revenue generator versus a cost creator. Unlock Privacy Pro™ empowers healthcare organizations to deliver highly personalized, data-driven campaigns that are fully compliant with privacy regulations.

Future-Ready Technology

Unlock Privacy Pro™ ensures the flexibility to integrate or switch data collection tools as needed, when needed — allowing you to adapt to the evolving privacy landscape as new laws and regulations come into play.

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