Johns Hopkins Orthopedics

Johns Hopkins Orthopedics

High-Margin Service Line Growth

Translating AMC Trust Into Ortho Volume

The Situation

Although Johns Hopkins Medicine is a premier AMC brand recognized across the United States, they engaged us to help them translate that positive brand recognition into real, tangible results in a priority service line for secondary care: Orthopedics.


Although joint replacement can be perceived as a “commodity” service by consumers, we knew from market research that quality really matters in the decision-making process. As a respected academic medical center, we knew Johns Hopkins Medicine had untapped potential, when it came to orthopedic surgery and joint replacement surgery volume — we just needed to design and execute the right campaigns.

Strategic Approach

We set out to create a campaign flow that reflected the premier quality Johns Hopkins Medicine had been known to provide. Working with our clients, we mapped the campaign journeys to reduce friction and demonstrate quality, even in how we reached consumers.

The Solution

We built comprehensive campaigns that avoided extreme, long-tailed keywords and focused on those proven to convert. But to mirror the quality Johns Hopkins was so well-known for, we weren’t content just driving conversions. We optimized CTAs to pipe directly into MyChart and HIPAA compliant phone numbers to route leads directly to an appointment-setting environment where they could receive concierge service. We qualified calls through our HIPAA compliant calling service to save our clients the operational strain of vetting, and ultimately drove meaningful results that exceeded our clients’ goals.

We Drove An $80 Cpa For An Episodic, High-Margin Service

Over the course of 12 months, we were able to drive and report on service line campaign results that clearly positioned Johns Hopkins as the leader in orthopedic surgery, and replenished patient volume in joint replacement after these “elective” surgeries were shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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