Unlock Health Evolves Brand and Go-To-Market Strategy with One Solution

Unlock Health Evolves Brand and Go-To-Market Strategy with One Solution

The brand evolution highlights the collective value Unlock Health and its legacy companies deliver as one company, offering One solution, with no compromises. 

NASHVILLE, TENN., April 17, 2024Unlock Health, a healthcare technology and services growth platform for healthcare providers and fast-growing digital health organizations, today announced that it will be unifying the entire company under the Unlock Health brand and phasing out legacy brands from its SPM Group Acquisition — SPM Marketing & Advertising, GLC, Dreamscape, and Centretek. Effective immediately, all acquired entities will go to market under the unified and updated Unlock Health brand. 

Unlock Health’s brand evolution is part of a strategic unification that builds on the company’s foundation and communicates relevancy, authenticity, and differentiation for Unlock Health’s internal and external audiences. By sunsetting legacy brands, Unlock Health also demonstrates its commitment to providing a singular solution that brings marketing, technology, and managed care services under one roof – maximizing  value for its customers across the dynamic healthcare ecosystem. Unlock Health is one team under one brand with a unified workflow, pricing approach, and service model across all lines of business. 

“This brand evolution represents the work Unlock has done to create One solution that meets all of our clients’ business needs. It means one growth partner and one team that understands your unique challenges and needs. We provide multidisciplinary and deep expertise to offer meaningful value at every turn,” said Brandon Edwards, CEO and Founder of Unlock Health. “This update is not merely an aesthetic change but a strategic imperative that reflects Unlock Health’s belief that when our team and clients work closely together, we can achieve beyond what others may think is possible or what any other partner can achieve.”

Unlock Health’s pioneering spirit, relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to pushing boundaries are all brought to life by a dynamic visual representation: The astronaut is a symbol of exploration, strength, bravery, and limitless possibilities. It’s a visual representation of Unlock Health’s pioneering spirit, relentless pursuit of innovation, and commitment to pushing boundaries in healthcare. The flag waving in the wind symbolizes unity and pride in the collective efforts of the Unlock community and represents our stake in the ground that Unlock represents something fundamentally different. Collectively, this evolution serves as a testament to the shared values, collaborative ethos, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries that improve healthcare together as one team with our client partners.

Legacy brands will continue posting content on their respective social media pages through May 31. On June 1, all new content will be posted on Unlock’s social pages, and the company will initiate requests to sunset the legacy social media accounts and move followers to Unlock. Remaining assets will be converted to the Unlock brand over the next several months.

For more information, please visit www.unlockhealthnow.com/.  

About Unlock Health

At Unlock Health, we’re on a mission to forge meaningful connections between consumers and care by seamlessly integrating marketing, technology, and managed care. We tackle long-standing barriers faced by healthcare providers, seamlessly integrating the essential ingredients of growth and sustainable performance without unnecessary complexity. Committed to empowering organizations to achieve their missions, we not only attract and retain patients but also cultivate the needed clinical workforce for immediate impact and sustainable long-term performance. Our creative approach, digital expertise, and deep industry insights work in harmony, taking the guesswork out of growth. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Unlock Health stands as the largest marketing and advertising agency exclusively focused on U.S. healthcare providers and health services, boasting a team of 348 professionals. Visit us at https://www.unlockhealthnow.com, and join us in reshaping the future of healthcare.


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