Unlock Health Finalizes Executive Leadership Team and Welcomes New Healthcare Clients

Unlock Health Finalizes Executive Leadership Team and Welcomes New Healthcare Clients


When we first announced Unlock Health in the spring, we knew there was demand for a single-source growth partner, someone to connect the dots across managed care and marketing in a way that showed real ROI. To see the industry respond how it has in just the first few months, well, it’s been affirming, to put it lightly.

But buzz only gets you so far, so we’ve been in the lab with a pen and a pad (and a whiteboard and dozens of Slack channels and all-day brainstorms) to bring Unlock Health to life. If you’re curious what that looks like, see below and then come find us at SHSMD ’23 in Chicago.


We’ve hit the ground running this summer, welcoming 14 new amazing clients to the Unlock growth platform. They’ve come to us from across the country and different parts of the healthcare ecosystem, ready to leverage our unified approach to technology, marketing, and managed care.

You’ll see us talking about these new partners in more detail down the road, but we’re so excited to work with brands like Ardent Health , Author Health, Roper St. Francis and expanded relationships with existing clients like El Camino Health as we define this new, measurable approach to healthcare.


Unlock isn’t just growing the client roster — our executive team continues to grow. We’re proud to share our newest members of Unlock leadership:

Christine McPherson | Chief People Officer

Christine brings a wealth of experience, with over 12 years spent at the intersection of marketing, technology, and people operations. Her career journey spans notable companies such as Campaign Monitor and Emma, where she spearheaded Global HR initiatives, and Buntin, a leading brand and creative agency, where she served as Chief People Officer.

As Unlock’s CPO, Christine is dedicated to ensuring that the organization continues to be a place where employees thrive, innovate, and drive growth.

Josh Schoonover | Chief Client Officer

As the leader of Unlock Health’s client services function, Josh facilitates integrated client delivery across the full spectrum of the organization’s capabilities and services. Working in the healthcare industry as a journalist, researcher, consultant, and agency leader during the past 20 years, he uses his comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges hospitals and health systems face and works closely with clients and client teams to create solutions that deliver meaningful impact.

Dan Lavelle | Chief Strategy Officer

As our CSO, Dan is responsible for leading our enterprise sales and marketing teams and driving our overall go-to-market strategy. Dan’s career started client-side, and since then, he’s consulted to the largest health systems in the country on their marketing, CRM, and digital innovation strategies. He’s also led the development of innovative SaaS technologies for healthcare marketers and built — and launched — go-to-market strategies for revenue cycle management and digital health brands.

Corey Maul | Chief Technology Officer

Corey has over 17 years of experience in healthcare technology working with hospitals and health systems to deliver sophisticated technical solutions that meet the unique needs of the industry. Prior to joining Unlock, he served as the CTO of Eruptr, overseeing a unified technology team across Medicom Health, HealthAware, and Eruptr, delivering several healthcare marketing technology products.

Corey also led the development of one of the most advanced Health Risk Assessment platforms in the industry, an advanced EHR-integrated clinical workflow tool, and other powerful solutions that were deployed at the American Heart Association and seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Led by Brandon Edwards, Shannon Hooper and the executive teams from DECODE and Eruptr, we’re all coming together to take the guesswork out of growth by bringing together the critical components of growth and sustainable performance for a provider organization under one roof.


We’re not just bringing together the great minds from Eruptr and DECODE but also developing new technology that will help us connect all the dots between marketing and managed care under one roof.

Privacy Defender

We know that transformation isn’t just about a new brand or services; it’s about creating something nobody else has. We also know that PHI security and conversion tracking are two major areas of focus for healthcare marketers — you need data to improve, but you absolutely need to know that that data is safe.

We looked around and saw that a secure, scalable tracking solution didn’t exist. So we built one. Quickly.

Our new proprietary Eruptr Privacy Defender prevents personally identifiable consumer health information from passing outside of a conversion action. Importantly, it also preserves conversion tracking metrics for campaign optimization and performance reporting.

The result is campaign performance visibility without the risk of accidental HIPAA violations that can trigger lawsuits and fines.


If this all sounds like a lot, would you believe that we’re just getting started?

Unlock Health will be making its public debut at SHSMD Connections ’23 in Chicago this September. We’re excited to be more than just a logo and some words, but to bring our vision into reality.

If you’re attending (and we hope you are), look around at the SHSMD floor and ask new and hard questions, like, “Can this company fuel my growth plans, or do they just address single pain points?” and “Does this partner understand all of open enrollment’s intricacies and how to help consumers navigate the health plan selection process?”

If they do, can they also track ROI and navigate my payor contracts and relationships?

The answer is: No one has combined the necessary technology and services together to execute at that level of partnership yet. And if you stop by our booth, you’ll see how we’re creating it.

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